About Cate the Breeder

I have always had a love for animals, which was encouraged while growing up, with our family pets and later working with locals in my neighbourhood to rescue stray cats to have them de-sexed then move to good homes and in Year 10, I chose my Work Experience placement at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne.

As an adult I progressed to working as a Ranger with the local council and was given the task to manage the local Pound services. I quickly realised the system needed a change in direction, too many dogs were being put to sleep. So we set about to rehome the pound dogs through animal welfare agencies and promotions in the local area which led to the first Pet Expo for the Shire, this is now in its 20th year.

Later with our own family pets, which included a Toy Poodle and a ‘rescued’ Golden Retriever, I found that I had developed an allergic reaction to dog hair.

After researching the issue I discovered Groodles, which were being bred to help those who suffer a similar reaction. I was so impressed by what I read about the breed, that I wanted to give the opportunity of owning one of these dogs to other allergy sufferers.

Research also stated there were no Groodles in the pounds from neglectful owners, as they were very much members of the families who owned them.

Our dogs enjoy a healthy well-balanced diet, regular grooming sessions, along with weekly brushing and play-time including swimming.

The puppies are well socialised during play time both with each other and with the adult dogs, family and friends and with the general public during walks to local parks.

We have been asked if we are empty nesters, replacing our children with dogs, maybe it is just because we love animals and are in the fortunate position to be with them most days working from home. Yes our lives now revolve around our family, our grandchildren, Groodles and Cavoodles , and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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